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Roku streaming player is a list of set-top boxes which are manufactured by Roku, Inc. Roku device gets data through a wired or wireless connection to an internet router and the data is output via video cable, audio cable or by both signals over an HDMI cable. With appropriate input connections, the Roku device can be connected to any TV set. Roku Activation Link is an independent platform to fix all technical issues generated by the Roku device.

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How To Setup Roku Streaming Player And Activate Roku?

To setup Roku streaming player follow these simple steps to setup Roku device:-

  • Connect your television with the HDMI cable for the output.
  • Find out which internet connection( wired or wireless connection ) you are using.
  • A wired connection requires a cable to connect with the Roku streaming player and for the wireless connection, you just need to enter the username and password.
  • When asked for internet connection, select the appropriate option to connect to the internet.
  • After the connection is established the Roku device automatically starts downloading and install the latest software during the Roku activation process.
  • Once the software installation is completed, Roku device redirects you to activate Roku.
  • The device restarts and displays a startup screen.
  • Open the URL on your computer.
  • Enter the unique code displayed on the Roku streaming player and click submit.
  • Create a new Roku account and if you have already created, use that Roku account.
  • Now login and set up a payment method.
activate roku
  • Channel customization can also be done during the Roku activation process.
  • After the completion of the Roku activation process, it displays a congratulations screen.
  • Now your Roku streaming player is ready to use.

Follow these steps to fix Roku Error Code 001:-

  1. Turn off the Roku streaming player.
  2. Eject all power cables from the router.
  3. After ejecting the cables, connect the Roku streaming player with the ethernet cable.
  4. Turn on the Roku streaming device.
  5. After you have finished. Check if still is an issue.
  6. Hence, open the URL and enter the Roku unique code.

And if still, you are having trouble during the Roku activation process feel free to call at Roku support phone number.

Solution to fix the Roku error code 003:-

  1. Firstly, you need to restart your Router.
  2. After restarting, reset the TV.
  3. Now, disable your firewall.
  4. Afterward, go to the Roku secret screen menu and complete the software update task.
  5. Then press home key 5 times.
  6. Again squeeze quick forward 3 times.
  7. Similarly, Rewind for 2 times.
  8. See the “Update software” choice and tap on OK.
  9. After performing these steps, the Roku error code 003 is fixed.

Firstly, you have to reset your Roku streaming player. Also, you must have to follow these steps:

  1. Foremost and the first task is to choose the settings menu.
  2. View the "Network" option in the settings menu.
  3. Then, proceed down to "repeat guided setup" and click on it.
  4. Select the provided network which you will utilize.
  5. And at last, get connected with the network by giving Roku com link account.

Roku error code 014 happened among wireless network connection. In order to tackle this issue follow these steps:-

  1. Attach Roku streaming player to the internet via cable modem. Else, you can use router through the Ethernet cable.
  2. Open Roku setting and finish all steps for the Ethernet connection on Roku streaming device.
  3. Once the Ethernet connection is finished, proceed to the web settings alternative on your Roku streaming player.
  4. Pick a wireless option and network over there.
  5. Provide your password.
  6. After that, the connection procedure has been finished.

How to use Roku streaming player after Roku account setup in ?

In order to use Roku streaming player, it requires either a TV or a computer/laptop. And apart from this, it also requires a high-speed wired or wireless connection to connect to the internet for high-end audio and video quality.

Roku Account Setup

What does Roku provide a streaming device?

  • It supports 1080p HD movies, shows, and videos.
  • It also provides a wide variety of television channels and shows.
  • The remote control for channel settings and options.
  • For network connection, you can use a wireless or wired connection to connect to the internet.
  • Also, features with a user-friendly mobile application.
  • It also provides headphones for private listening.
  • Night listening mode (increases soft sounds and reduces loud noise).
  • Surprisingly, Roku comes in many different models such as- Roku (1-4), Roku Ultra, Roku premiere, Roku premiere+, Roku express, Roku express+.
  • For high-quality content streaming, it is important to have high-speed wired or wireless internet connectivity.

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